User Guide for new USB Drivers and Ethernet

It is probably a config.txt change in the UEFI part of the Core Package.

Try adding the following to config.txt in the UEFI folder:

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where would this folder be located exactly

The Core Package (1.1/1.3)/UEFI/.

But then you need to reflash…

oh not sure that would be worth the time

Perhaps there is a way to modify it while running. I’m opening Disk Manager to see…

okay thatd be great if you can find something

Found a way. I am still rebooting and don’t know if this will work yet - will update with findings.

  1. Open CMD as Administrator
  2. Type the following:
  • diskpart
  • list disk
  • select disk 0
  • list partition
  • select partition 1
  • assign letter=b
  • exit
  1. From the Admin command prompt, type:
  • B:
  • "c:\program files\windows nt\accessories\wordpad.exe" config.txt
  1. Add the line disable_overscan=1 and Save.
  2. Reboot.


Sorry if this has already been said, but on my Pi the Ethernet Lights DO light up. I know its minor, but still.
Other then that, the guide is quite good!

Really? Weird. On mine (3B+), none of the Ethernet lights lit up. Maybe mine is a fluke.

I’ll include the network drivers in the new 1.4 version of the Core Package.
Thanks for the guide!

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Would editing the config file allow me to overclock the cpu like as in raspbian?

I don’t believe so, because that is set by the UEFI and not by config.txt.

On mine, the Ethernet LEDs light up, but they’re barely visible (and I’m running 17763).

Really? Perhaps there is some sort of power management issue (e.g. underpowering the LED lights).

After all, one of the VideoCore drivers for Windows inexplicably has the Activity light blinking in a sequence of 8. Nobody is quite sure why yet.

I don’t know if you mentioned this somewhere, but these ethernet drivers aren’t gonna work for the Raspberry Pi 3B (they only work with 3B+).
If someone wants the drivers for the Raspberry Pi 3B Ethernet adapter, here it is:
By the way, the ethernet LED lights stay turned on properly for me (Pi 3B) :slight_smile:

Interesting. I am on the B+. No lights.

I’m on 3B+, and as I mentioned, the LEDs light up for me, but they’re barely visible (can’t see them unless it’s dark).

Hi, no, your’s isn’t a fluke. The Ethernet lights are wired differently on the 3B+ (they seem to be on data lines rather than power lines with a gate connected to the data lines, if i’m not mistaken) and they are lighting up, just very dimly. I’m still not sure why.

Could be the reason i saw them. I have a non-Plus; That would explain it.

The Pi B+ replaced the large amount of components that used to handle power with a new power control chip. Because it replaced so many parts in the lower-left part of the board, it ultimately reduced the cost of the power system according to RPT. (RPT = Raspberry Pi (Trading))

However, my theory is that the original design with the large amount of components had a switch which routed power to the Ethernet LEDs by using a digital gate. With the switch to the new Power chip, they couldn’t do that anymore, and connected it to the data lines directly.

However, what doesn’t make sense about this is that Windows 10 is super dim. If it was only a rewiring, why wouldn’t the lights be dim on Raspbian? Any distribution? I suspect that maybe there is a driver which boosted power to the Ethernet lights or said to apply more power on the data channels that isn’t getting set on our Windows 10 drivers. I could, of course, be absolutely wrong.