Youtube works! (with driver)


Yes, its in 144p. Yes, it isnt 60fps, but it works! Im not sure if its my compiled GPU Driver that was made by @woachk or if its the resolution. Heres a video to prove it:

Im sure that with better drivers/better browser performance this would be even better!
The OG video drivers with XAML textures kinda went like this:
OK, so we got this picture here, lets just display 20% of the old one over it
But with @woachk’s drivers its like in the video.
Driver’s here: EDIT: Removed the google driver link.
The source is from here:

EDIT: 240p works well as well, and 360p just about works


Very nice. I haven’t tested YouTube yet with the new GPU driver, but that’s great to see!


I did some experimenting, and from what i think™ this is decoding the video with the cpu and rendering it with the gpu.



Yeah, using GPU decoding depends on VCHIQ/rpiq.sys, it’s planned for a later time.


Have you installed DirectX12 yet?I have.Also try using a k-lite codec pack for the plugins.I can run mine at 360p.Just saying

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I can do 480p video off YouTube on my pi

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I’m sure you can my friend,I just can’t do one thing at a time.I am sure it could run 480p but I would rather have sound out hdmi style.The analog jacks have to much noise for my setup.I use a ground loop isolater but I still get a small hum.Pretty sad.With that said,I am working on the NT kernel using Linaro tool chains to see if I can either develop,or maybe combine some type of linux or unix kernel for the device driver.You know?The device broadcam and MS don’t want fix or release.I am hoping to come up with something.If you have any ideas.I would be thankful.


We need the VCHIQ driver for HDMI audio.


what?I am so sorry for this


Correction, looked at the driver, its probably decoding with the cpu, creating the pixels with the gpu and writing it to the fb with the cpu. Lots of optimization possible here.


Agreed,I will post my findings.I am already using MEGASync for file sharing.I have been posting my tools and scripts for optimizing speed and just the basic install.I have not posted all of it yet.I have all sorts of tweaks and tricks that really speed up the ability for the pi.My boot time from power on to desktop is about 38secs.At idle cpu is 1-3%,disk usage is avg.3-10% and ram use is just under 420


i have installed 1.0.23
But i cant see GPU in Task Manager
No GPU Errors (only WHQL) at DxDiag
UEFI: Feb 18th, 2019


Probably got killed by some other commit somewhere. I found that for some reason the performance is still better with the driver and errors but it doesnt work on everything, so its hella weird. Might be some program somewhere crashing it? Or some windows thing?


Could you teach me how to install this driver?
Can i use the software “dism++”?


Missing a complete code.Not able to do all task in that use.


Is the driver render-only?


Yes, it is.
(also, who put in the 20 char. minimum?)


Didn’t do anything special.

Just installed the .inf and executed the .bat.


How to get the *.bat?


reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RenderOnlySample /v RenderOnly /t REG_DWORD /d 1
reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers /v DisableAutoAcpiPostDeivce /t REG_DWORD /d 1
reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\XAML /v ForceWARP /t REG_DWORD /d 1