Win10 woa on rpi 3b (not 3b+)

Can i run win10 on rpi 3b (not 3b+)

Yes, it will just run a little bit slower

Maybe, i need oveclock?

No it will run without an overclock, but you can do it if you want to

And if i use sd card xc1 sd card or hc1 card it will run or not(sorry for my english language)

I just new user win 10 woa.
I want install it on my rpi laptop.

Use the fastest card you can, from what I understand a class 10 sd card is basically required at a minimum.
When you do install it use this for the best performance:

How i run it? I just kid?

Oh, dont say anything, its just bat.
I think, i need it all off, using my hands.

Yes, it runs . A bit slow, but still useful .
Is there a way to get the 600MHz changed to at least 1GHz so that an upgrade to version 1903 can take place, please ?

You have to change the clockspeed in the bios to maximum

Is there a way to override this ? ‘OS may override settings when booted’

Unless you have a powersupply issue you should be running at the right clockspeed

It was a power supply issue that stopped the CPU tied down to 600MHz.
Going back to school physics, ( power drop ,i^2 R ) used a very short USB cable (less R) and the CPU registered 1.02GHz and the upgrade to WoA10- 1903 is progressing