Small Optimization Script


Hey everyone! Here’s a little script I put together to help optimize and speed WOA,
I haven’t run it on a system yet, but it should work

Here’s everything it does!

  • Disables SuperFetch as per comment on github, should lower the RAM and disk usage on your device, but apps may take longer to load.
  • Disables “Windows 10 Experiments” (thanks, Microsoft)
  • Disables Delivery Optimizations (P2P Updates)
  • Can block app installs (junkware) and updates
  • Remove features from windows that are useless
  • Remove hibernation to free up disk space
  • Blocks error reporting
  • Removes OneDrive
  • Disables a bunch of services to lower disk, RAM, and CPU usage
  • Uninstalls metro apps that are un-needed and rarely used. Should free up space and may lower system usage

Simply download and run as an administrator :slight_smile:

Note: I’m not sure if the OneDrive uninstalling works on an ARM device, but it does on a regular Intel PC.
The reason why it may not work would be because of a change in the directory as to where the onedrive installer for arm is, I’m not sure if they’ve changed it.
Give it a try and let me know if it works!

Download Link

Win10 woa on rpi 3b (not 3b+)

Yeah it helped reduce disk usage, but we still need to find out exactly which additional services can be disabled.


Still working on that, I’m at work for maybe an hour or or two though so it’ll have to wait, did OneDrive get uninstalled when you used this?


One drive did not get uninstalled while running the script, for me anyways.


I’ll double check the exact directory when I get home this evening, but I had to manually uninstall.


I’ve tested it and my system (Windows 10 Pro N) right after finishing the script made it pop up with "We are installing new features in Windows) and Windows took a long time to update, kept getting "We couldn’t install the updates, wait to retry) but your script DID definitely work once it got out of that annoying update loop. Thanks for making.

P.S. A lot of the feature uninstalling said “invalid name” or “not installed” like Internet Explorer. Also you probably could do some Metro app removal (get rid of Weather and live tile apps, they just bloat it)


Hey @JMK19 thanks for testing! Did you use the latest version? I removed the features that weren’t needed so those “invalid name” and “not installed” features should go away, I’ll also look into removing metro apps as they are mostly useless. Thanks again for testing it and I appreciate the feedback!


It was a few days ago, will test tomorrow. Yeah, probably was the older version. Thanks for reply :slight_smile:


Using the latest version of the script the computer now run a lot better
Check this out, CPU bench was the best of all the benchmarks, with no OC or anything.

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Recently updated and added features!
Also, a bug fix or two. Feel free to re-download and run the script!

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Going to do later. Sounds cool!


It was hanging on removing unneeded apps today on 17763, but I had run the decaprifier script ahead of running this, so it seems to get stuck if it encounters a problem.


That part just takes a long time to complete, and it doesn’t show it’s doing anything. Could you check system usage?


You might want to re enable memory compression in your script. For some reason, it deactivates it and increases memory usage quite a lot.

Enable-MMAgent -MemoryCompression fixes this issue.

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I have enabled memory compression, but I don’t see any improvement…?


I’ve noticed the ram usage being high, but if I let the system sit for a while it does go back down to 550mb

edit: Used that command, memory usage at 330MB right now. Adding this to the script, thanks @hojnikb

edit 2: seems like maybe on 1709 this causes firefox to crash? Going to reinstall it, so let’s see (Used an older version off my thumb drive, looks like it’s working)


Yeah, firefox needs a lot of ram, so if you don’t have compression and/or page file enable, it wont run properly.


No, turning it ON was causing it to crash until I went back to the older version.


Updated with a bunch of additional commands from tron script!
Use the same download link

For those who are wondering, this is Tron (script):


Hey johnny, the script has been updated to also delete the OneDrive installer, maybe that’ll help for you?