WiFi dongle testing


I was able to get the install files for the one that I posted. I’ll update tomorrow once it comes.

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Works under Raspian.
I read that it should run under Windows 10 IOT, but didn’t test it myself.

The device … requires further installations.


I have a feeling that I’ll be running into this issue with the one I’m receiving today in the mail. It’s different from this, but I think I’m going to have the same problem.


To look here https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/iot-core/learn-about-hardware/HardwareCompatList#WiFi-Dongles


I can report that I ran into the same problem. Unfortunately I didn’t download drivers until it came, but they’re all for Linux and X86/X64


Has anybody tried https://www.adafruit.com/product/1030 because I’m going to contact them now and ask for drivers.


and also https://www.adafruit.com/product/2810


I never thought of Adafruit. That’s a good idea!


I tried modifying my TP-link inf driver file(add arm64 compatibility) and yeah detected as arm64 driver

but failed to install :disappointed_relieved:

so we can only wait for the USB WIFI driver for Windows 10 ARM64


I did the same thing a few days ago. INF is ready, but the driver needs to be modified. There is way more to a driver than the .inf unfortunately.


I have also modified the .inf … The utility of atheros saw it but nothing else.


These drivers are built for x86 versions of Windows. You can’t just edit the INF file and expect it to work.


I have edited those of 64 and it has only been to try it. A greeting!


Mario is correct. The INF is the easy part. If we could do this with an INF, we’d likely have every driver working. It needs to be completely recompiled unfortunately.


A solution to the lack of WIFI …

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Do you have a link for that?


I bought it on Amazon but on AliExpress there are also some.


Brilliant! Found it on Amazon. Thank you so much!

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Mind sharing that link? I’ve got prime and i’d rather not wait for shipping from china haha


There it is. Just ordered one with next day shipping using Prime. Very excited to try this out! Can’t wait to see what @tmm thinks. We obviously still need to get drivers working, but this is wonderful in the meantime.