Web browsing on the Pi

I’ve been attempting to get a few browsers (other than Edge and IE) to work on this build. Here’s the known working ones and status on each:

  • Firefox Quantum:
    The 64-bit .exe file directly from their website, though does run under WoW64, does a check for processors and fails to install. ▼ Download
    The 32-bit .exe file most likely has the same response, but I haven’t tested it yet. ▼ Download
    RECOMMENDED: ARM64 exe runs great! ▼ Download

  • Google Chrome:
    Generally runs horribly and graphical glitches everywhere, not recommended. AFAIK, there’s no ARM64 .exe file for chrome at the moment. ▼ Download

  • Chromium:
    It’s the same as Chrome, but slightly better for some reason. If you really need Chrome, use Chromium. Not recommended.

  • Vivaldi:
    Not currently tested. ▼ Download

  • Brave Browser:
    Though it’s based off chromium, the setup fails with “Could not launch the setup” and the chromium robot logo. ▼ Download

  • Other browsers:
    If it has a ARM64 EXE then it most likely will work.
    If it has a 32-bit or 64-bit exe then it has to run under WoW.

I think one of the mods on here said Firefox (most likely ARM64) worked better than Edge on the Pi. Considering Edge is ARM64…

Right, see USB Driver Test Results post 8 (the link will take you to the info).

Firefox seems to be the best bet. Updated the main post accordingly.


I definitely have to try Firefox ARM64. It looks like it’s the best bet for web browsing inside WOA. How’s the memory consumption? I won’t ask about Chrome :wink:

I don’t know the memory compensation ATM, but it runs fine, except the installer is slow.

NOTE: Windows SmartScreen uses a INSANE amount of memory and CPU power (for some reason) and launching installers and other programs that need administrator and are unverified.

SmartScreen can be disabled…

In fact, a lot of things can be disabled. It might be worth writing a “lightening up” script.

By far I find Firefox ARM64 the best on the pi; plus it runs native arm64 code. I’m using Firefox Nightly. Install using the latest installer, firefox-67.0a1.en-US.win64-aarch64.installer.exe. (I didn’t provide a direct link to the install file since it changes frequently)

I currently tested Edge on the Lumia 950 XL (W10 ARM64). This works well.
Tomorrow I wanted to test the Firefox.

on Monday I would setup and test my Raspberry Pi.