USB Driver Test Results

Using my driver pack i have had no issues with the usb driver paired with the newset (Jan 16th) UEFI. Thanks for the great driver!

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My USB Cellular Modem WORKS! (Huawei E3372)!

Got networking!!


Everything works flawlessly. I haven’t plugged in a WiFi adapter, but Ethernet is perfect. It’s great having this boot up with everything plugged in. I wouldn’t install Chrome if I were anyone else. It slowed everything WAY down. I uninstalled it today. I’ve had no issues at all. I’m hoping we’ll be able to get a full copy of Windows working on this with other drivers working.

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I wouldn’t install Chrome…

Install Firefox? I hear there’s an Win10 ARM64 version. If it works, post a screen shot (or Tweet), I know people at Mozilla Foundation who would be interested.

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I’ll give Firefox a try. Chrome worked, but it was very slow. I’ll update soon.

It worked much better than Chrome did! I’ll use this from now on for the Pi. No issues whatsoever and it runs better than Edge.

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If i didnt break my Pi, id post a pic but running Doom from a fast sd card while downloading something to it and playing a song from it even though i cant hear it maxed the CPU out but it worked flawlessly.

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Anybody try USB Audio yet? (like a headset?)

tomorrow I will buy a USB audio/soundcard and test. I hope it works

Probados unos altavoces USB Logitech y funcionan correctamente.


That is just so cool. Thank you for posting.

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Monitor Philips USB funcionado sin problemas. Se logra un mejor rendimiento.

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Nice test. I will add to the testing list

RetroUSB is a soldered board into a traditional NES controller. It works perfectly and is recognized as a game controller without needing additional drivers. I need DX3D to test the emulator, but it will probably be fine given that it takes almost nothing to run and runs flawlessly on the Pi normally. I understand that Windows can interfere with performance, but we may have a playable game. I’ll be testing it with the original Mario Bro’s games.

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Play Doom with it! Doom at 320x240 and 512x i cant remember runs great! It does have a little bit of input lag though.

Impresora HP F4580 funciona sin problemas, aunque en el administrador de controladores aparece con el icono amarillo, con la aplicación HP Smart funciona correctamente.

well. It looks like this usb driver can handle all USB devices. but unfortunately there are some devices whose drivers are not compatible with Windows 10 ARM like USB WIFI. plus support for booting via USB there are still bugs

Exacto, pero sera cuestión de ir probando y algo más. Tengo varios dispositivos usb wifi, más tarde lo miro a ver si logro algo.

There ought to be USB Wi-Fi adapters with ARM64 support (for the Snapdragon platforms). We don’t need a special build for the Pi. Maybe we just need to keep searching?

I looked for a while and tried to find a wifi adapter that has ARM64 support, and I couldn’t find one online
If I had to guess we need to find one that offers support without the need of drivers