Raspberry Pi 4B

What we know so far:

SoC: BCM2711 https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/hardware/raspberrypi/bcm2711/README.md
boot EEPROM: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/hardware/raspberrypi/booteeprom.md

+50% CPU Performance
up to 4GB RAM
Sounds very good for a Windows 10 ARM usage.

Good news The raspberry pi 3b+ is a noobie to the 4 with usb 3.0 and ssd usage woa would faster then ever

Hope resources to explore WoA on the new Raspberry Pi 4 , https://www.tomshardware.com/…/raspberry-pi-4-b,6193.html ,(4GB RAM) will be out soon.
It is time to stop playing with Windows 10 /WsL on Raspberry Pi 3B

Oh yes <3 usb 3.0 support thats nice and 4 GB RAM will be working like a charme with windows 10

Sadly according to Tom’s Hardware it doesn’t boot at all;

Third-party Raspberry Pi operating systems will also need some changes in order to work with the new hardware. For example, we were not able to boot Windows 10 on Arm, as we have with the Pi 3B+.

They probably tried to use the UEFI that’s used on the PI 3, which is flat out stupid and not how these things work.
Windows 10 WILL work on the PI 4, but it’s ridiculous to expect the firmware written for the PI 3, as it’s device specific, we will need a firmware for the PI 4

Edit: I’ve ordered a Pi 4, 2 GB model, so i’ll further see what exactly is going on with it

" bootcode.bin is not used on the Raspberry Pi 4, because it has been replaced by boot code in the onboard EEPROM."
Will this make it easy or difficult in the future WoA setting up on Raspberry Pi4 ?

I suppose that depends, on the older PI’s you could only boot into a 32bit OS, until the open source 64bit UEFI came out, which allowed us to boot 64bit operating systems, I’m hoping on the PI4 it works with 64bit OS’s

(WoA is 64 bit)

There are also a few less obvious changes that seem like they’ll assist with WoA generally. Not just the upgrade to 4 Gb (WOA is… a little restricted on the 3B+), but the fact its also LPDDR4 rather than LPDDR2, the SD card reader itself gets a boost (FINALLY…) and there is at least a marginal boost to the video core. It’s also said that it can be fairly easily run at 1.75Ghz once some active cooling is applied.
(And to be fair Tom’s Hardware did note that they expected changes would be needed.)

Uefi wil not work because thr Raspberry pi has a another chipset

" PXE and USB Boot

Support for these additional bootmodes will be added in the future via optional bootloader updates. The current schedule is to release PXE boot first, then USB boot."
Looks like using ’ WoA on a USB3 device’ is something to look forward to … (?)

I submitted an issue asking about IoT Core support on Microsoft’s Docs. repo: https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/windows-iotcore-docs/issues/1442

"Q: Will the Raspberry Pi 4 support the full desktop version of Windows 10?

A: I’d love to see this. I’m sure someone will find a way to get something working (as they did with 3 B+), but a “proper” implementation with e.g. DirectX acceleration would require extensive work from the Microsoft side"

It could work if the UEFI for the raspberry pi 4 was released. Then we could use the imager at worproject.ml and the core package given by someone and hopefully it will work

I have the 4Gb model sitting waiting to try once there’s something to test.

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Same here - haven’t even tested my Pi4 yet till there’s at least a 64-bit distro available.

They’ve actually just unlocked the limiter on the CPU, and it can now be pushed from the previous max of 1750mhz to a full 2000mhz…!
Yep. The Pi 4 is now 2Ghz capable with active cooling. This could be interesting…!

Here a Pi4B is running at 600MHz !

After a remote GUI login etc. the same Pi4B is now at 1.5GHz as expected.

Mine will run fine locked to 1750mhz as I have the Fanshim from Pimoroni on it. Just about to try the 2Ghz push/!