Logitech K120 (and other) Keyboard Problems

I noticed that the Logitech K120 USB keyboard often gets keys stuck (key keeps repeating until you hit another key). Ironically, this didn’t happen with the dwusb driver.

Hello ! I just try the new driver update, thanks for your works :slight_smile:
I notice also my Logitech K120 USB keyboard keeps repeating the same key continually…
Is very impossible to work with that problem.

I’ve had that issue with the K120 a few times, but it only happens once in a while. Seems to be something with the K120 because no other keyboard does it for me. It rarely happens though.

Not rarely for my, my user name is “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” :sweat_smile:

Shall we make a separate topic for the K120?

Thanks for this topic :slight_smile:

For me it’s also not rare - it’s actually almost impossible to use the keyboard. Luckily I have a few other.

I will check whether MCCI has a K120 in our lab. If so, we will see if we can repro; and if so… we’ll see if we can get a USB bus trace. If by some chance any readers have the combination of a repro and a USB bus analyzer (Total Phase, Ellisys, Lecroy are the three brands we normally work with) then I’ll be able to see if it’s the keyboard going nuts (due to something previously done incorrectly by the driver) or the keyboard going nuts all on its own. I suspect that it’s the transaction translator code.

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@ender, @chibi_ANUBIS, Please advise what clock speeds you’re using on the Pi. Also, if you have a powered hub and can experiment, see if moving the keyboard to the powered hub makes a difference. Thanks.

I’ve got clock set to Max in UEFI. As for powered hub, I’ll have to buy a new one, because all of mine backfeed, which seems to make RasPi quite unstable.

MAX also for me, I use the official powered hub.

Thanks. I have vague memories (from three years ago) of some Logitech keyboards that were really sensitive (“good test cases”). I’m sure that’s what it is in this situation. With HID, if the keyboard stops sending messages after a keydown event, you never get the keyup. So the HID class thinks you still have the key pressed. A bus trace is needed. I’ll be in the office later, will ask our test team.

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I know this is a K120 kb topic but I have a K400 & k400+ that exhibit the behavior albeit not that severe as described here.

It’s OK, we can collect them all here. I’ll change title of topic to be more general.

I can chime in. I have a Logitech K360 and it frequently repeats or sometimes skips keys. Maybe it is a glitch with the wireless “universal” receiver.

I have an “All-in-One Media Keyboard” microsoft and sometimes I usually go with lag. Luckily I have a “NGS Kit T + R COCOAKIT USB” that works very well.

I was mistaken. I have a K400 that I’ve been fooling around with. It rarely, but once in a while will give me a hard time with continuous keystrokes. Similar to excessive key chatter.