WOA or WOR on pi

Can i use WoA or WoR installer on RPI 3.
To update from one sd card to second.

At the moment there’s no easy or simple way to update “from one sd card to [the] second” because that would require using a tool to copy the partition map, format, and data from one to the second. What you could do is go into your SD card, into the Windows or WindowsARM device, and then find the data you need and copy it to a folder on your computer. Then, unplug that SD card, and plug the new one in, then use WoA or WoR installer (I recommend WoA for simplicity) to setup Windows on the new SD card. Then plug it into your Pi and set it up normally, and when you are done shut it down, then plug it into your PC and copy the files you need to the new SD card in the \Users\YourUsername\Documents\ directory. There’s no better way at the moment. If this isn’t exactly what you want, could you clarify your question? I recommend WoA rather than WoR but it seems neither will work alone for what you are doing? If i’m wrong, can someone reply?

Yep.You can copy the sd card sort of.Take you windows sd card out of the pi.Insert it into
a linux machine.Vm works 2 I think?Anyways open gparted with the gui or terminal.Terminal window command is sudo gparted.Then once open,you have to have a usb or sdcard reader plugged in along with the windows sd card.Now use gparted to create a fat32 small partition first on the new device.Then create a ntfs partition for the windows with the rest of device.You must create the partitions first, before copying the windows sd card’s partitions over or windows will not boot on the new device.Windows has that copy block.If you still can’t figure it out use Macrium Reflect.Download it directly to your pi,the use a sd card adapter for a usb slot.Done and done.

I have discovered another way to create a backup of your image.Install Macrium Reflect,its free and it does work!

Macrium Reflect is by far the best and easiest method. It images perfectly.

`Another good, simple and open source alternative to making images of a drive or sd card is Win32Imager. This is what I use and has worked well.

HDD-Raw-Copy-Tool is perfect, small and free.