Windows 10 won't boot

Greetings, all
I’ve been a few days trying W10 to boot on raspberry but it won’t boot up, it keeps restarting intead all the way up. Software when booting at start runs smooth but then after preparing devices and doing starting configurations it goes to a language settings thing and then it says it can’t prepare the windows settings and says to check internet connected to do update but then when i try again it goes looping over and over.

Which version do you use?

Currently i am using about the 1903 version Windows Pro with February drivers updated before instalation

I think this is thr cause of the issue

Don’t know what that says :stuck_out_tongue:

aww sorry i thought you would recognize by the screen, okay then it says that something is refusing the deskop ready to boot and then it sugests an update wich it tries by clicking next but it loops instead

I’d do a fresh install with the most recent version of Windows, I know that’ll take a long time, but still

Hmm ok thanks i’ll try anything out this might be something on the sd card or the specific language or version i am using because i tried ou the most recent version already but it was the same either ways

I don’t see why a language would cause that though

Ye me too but since i’ve been around raspberries lately I believe every issue is possible :stuck_out_tongue: