Win on SSD install correct - won't boot with SD for paging file

Hey gang - firstly i’d like to thank you all for the great success and effort that has gone into this project.

I followed NovaSpirit Tech video on running Windows from SSD to the Pi. I have it successfully installed, thanks to the great work of the WOA author. NovaSpirit mentions the paging file must be located on the SD because the USB driver won’t allow it to be on the SSD. However, when i insert a blank SD in the Pi, it will not boot at all (black screen for ever).

NovaSpirit mentioned watching his “boot from USB video”, in which he mentions adding the program_usb_boot_mode=1. I added this to /boot/config.txt on a raspbian image and rebooted.

I then removed the raspian sd card and installed a blank exFat formatted card, however the Pi will not boot.

Has anyone else experienced this? It seems that with an SD card in the Pi, it will never boot from the USB drive.

A few further testing… I added a USB thumbdrive to see if windows would allow me to store the pagefile on that, but the drive doesn’t show up in the list.

On a side note, does anyone have a better description of why the pagefile can’t be stored on the ssd?

The micro sd card has to be formatted in fat32 and you can place everything that contains the boot partition of the hard disk in the card.

Lamsocoscoscoa01, thanks! That was it - the fat32 format allowed the Pi to boot and it was detected right away as a drive for the pagefile.sys. I did not need to copy anything from the boot partition to the card. Boots from the USB SSD directly and mounts the sd card for pagefile.sys.


I have been encountering with some problem in my SSD because when I tried to print some files which I saved in the SSD I noticed that my canon printer offline windows 10 was popping up everytime so I need this to be fixed.