Will the USB driver possibly work on Windows10 s or s mode?

I tried install Windows10 s on rpi3 today. It boot and oobe appears but can’t Connect any usb devices (no power) I saw this ms doc and I think will new stables usb driver can work on Windows10 s. The doc link is here:https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/install/windows10sdriverrequirements Thanks!!!

The problem you’re seeing is because there’s no USB core driver. Once the driver is released, you’ll need to retest. The driver will be signed by MSFT, but Win10s is not something we’re targeting. Our target for these eval drivers is real Win10 ARM64. If there’s commercial interest, we can consider WIn10s.

As @tmm says, the problem is that the current USB core driver is quite buggy. The only workaround to date is to boot with no USB devices connected to the Pi.

Once the Windows Setup starts, it will be “safe” to plug them and they should be powered up correctly.

Anyways, I think it’s better that you wait a bit for the official drivers to be released :slight_smile:

OK,I will wait the stable driver,once it release I will test it,thanks.

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OK,i have tested on Windows10 S and it works pretty well don’t know can i have network or not on Windows10 S. Thank MCCI !!!

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