Will booting from USB work?

Will the new USB drivers allow for booting windows from a USB flash drive , or potentially a hard drive / solid state drive ?

That’s a question for @tmm but if I had to guess, it may be capable of booting. You’d likely need a boot partition on your SD card though. I know that it detects my Geekworm X850. I have the X850 case and board as my setup and once booted, the board is recognized as a storage device (since it’s an MSATA SSD). I’d love to boot from it if I could, but it’s nice to know that I can utilize it with Windows once drivers are stable.

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Originally I wrote:

Booting Windows from USB is a complex topic. First, Andrei’s code has to support booting Windows from USB; I don’t know the status of that.

It works fine.

Second, Windows wants to lock the boot device so it can write crash dumps to the the device, and page from the device. If I recall correctly, we don’t currently support the specific IRP that does this; certainly, we never tested this for ARM32. So I think that it would be unlikely to work without effort. But we might get lucky.

In fact, we are lucky. Windows won’t put the page file on the booted USB drive, but you can put the page file on the SD card. (And you can get a very fast SD card for that.) This will allow parallelism for paging writes/reads and the much more common .exe page-in reads. SD driver speed is still an issue, but this would mitigate it a lot.


what about high memory usage when idle?

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