Where is the install.wim file stored

I’ve looked every where and cannot find that file. Followed the instructions yup three letter and i see the iso folder with couple others by butnot the install.wim. any help is appreciated. Thanks

Inside the iso file, you look for the “sources” folder and there you will find “install.win”.

That’s where i looked and it we not there i must have donde something wiping ever though it said everything was done. Doing it again

I have looked in that file and all i see is the boot.wim

Try lowering the iso image again.

What do you mean lowereing I have downloaded about ten times i have 3 files when completed i use woa deployer i find my drive but when i go to load the install.wim file it is not there in the iso file I can’t figure this out and it is driving me nuts

are there any drivers i need to install first on my computer to enable this file to show up

No. If it’s not in your ISO you’re either looking in the wrong place, you downloaded the wrong iso, or it was an incomplete download

my download was corrupt tried my laptop worked perfectly now waiting for the pi to install thanks for your help