What is the next step?

So as Terry mentioned, there probably wont be any mention of this project until something else comes along. I understand that we’ve been going back and forth with it and the GPU has had some success, but we haven’t gotten into what the next step is and how we’ll be doing it. It seems like Wi-Fi may be the next viable option, but I don’t think we have any idea as to where we’d begin. I thought I’d open up a topic to discuss what we’d take on and how we’d do it.

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WiFi: Easy, but not much use with this speed.
SD: Not as easy, but would improve usablility and speed quite a bit.
GPU: Hard, but would improve the graphical aspect and speed a lot

Im willing to wager that people will call for WiFi drivers, but good sd card drivers would be first, then either WiFi or GPU.


Strongly agree, the sd card drivers would be the first, although the GPU drivers would also be important.

Someone jump in if you disagree. That’s what we’re all here for anyway, but I figured Wi-Fi would be the first given that it’s what most would call for and if it’s easy then why not get it out of the way?

I would honestly prefer the GPU over anything else, I would love performance to be improved more than anything. It would also put a lot of Apps in the realm of usability and not crash the pi.