We need something better than rg-adguard.net

Multiple people (and potential visitors) tend to look at rg-adguard.net. Even though it is legal, it just looks fishy. After all, it says download and run this CMD file as Administrator. That’s enough to scare plenty of potential visitors away. Even though it downloads everything from Microsoft, that is not apparent or obvious.

Ideally, we would have our own scripts and site. They might be based on rg-adguard.net, but they would be clearer, easier to use, and more clear on how this is not piracy.

There is also: https://uupdump.ml/

That is 100x better.

Actually, we should stop using uup.rg-adguard.net and use that instead. It’s cleaner, easier, makes it more obvious where files are coming from… better in every way.