Videos and Tutorials for installation and procedures?

Is this possible.I personally learn better from reading,but I know a lot of people learn better from pictures and videos,visual and audio learners.I know we have youtube,but we can’t control whats posted there.I can’t here either.But I think if we had it here we could help one another much more without breaking the rulez.Just a thought.Please give your opinion.And be kind,we need respect among each other.

I think a video walkthrough would be a great idea.

The only problem is: “when to do it”. I think @SuperJMN is going to want to update the GPU drivers and perhaps include a script that tunes the Pi for reasonable performance. We also should settle on a recommended eMMC card brand, to get maximum performance.

Agreed.I am just enjoying the fact that there is so many people interested in something I’ve been involved in for years.My hands hurt from all the typing I do to trying and help all the people that struggle with this.I take it for granted sometimes that some people are just not as savvy as I.I don’t mean mean that in a negative light,I am one of those who thinks everyone at least knows and understands what I know.i have people tell me I’m smart,but I don’t think or feel that way.I am completely self taught.My knowledge comes from curiosity.I am a detail kinda guy.Yea I might be little rough but I have a good heart and will always be willing to educate.Thanks for the comment sir!