USB Driver Test Results

Yes I agree, I have only K120 in my job office


Worth noting for that GPU driver that I didn’t bundle in the ARM32 & x86_32 WoW64 UMDs yet. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to test x86 DirectX apps.

(a note though: the driver only implements DX11 Feature Level 9_3, and no DX9 support as of now)

Earphones with microphone by usb ( Steelseries 9H) work without problems. A usb microphone also works correctly.

Thanks a bunch!We all needed this!

Hello, i trying to use a Huawey E3276, the modem appear in devices but no driver available, can you give me detailed instructions, about how put this to work? thanks

and how do you put the 3.5 lcd screen to work?, i only have image by hdmi. i have windows 10 1803 home. thanks

You have to change the resolution,pre windows to correct it