Unable to compile SD Card drivers for ARM64

I have developed a SD Card/SDIO driver but i can not compile it. The code compiles, but no matter what .libs i link it always complains about either not finding SDPort related functions or saying they are incompatiable. What do i need to install to get ARM64 driver libs?

Have a look at this blog it list what you need to install on VS2017 to compile for ARM/ARM64

I have installed everything that blog mentions. I can compile desktop apps. I cant compile drivers that use sdport.sys.

Did you install WDK?

Yes. I also installed everything on the Microsoft “ARM64 Driver Dev” Page.

uff I’m out of suggestions hopefully someone will come along with the solution :thinking:

Any update on this?
I’m interested to see what SD card drivers could bring to the table

I have everything you need to compile them. I’m not a pro at this, but I can give it a shot if you’d like to send me the files. It’s VS2019, WDK, and the additional VS2019 things within the application like desktop development and ARM64 utilities.