Supporting the USB drivers

Hi all,

If the drivers work for you, please consider a donation to The Things Network New York. This is a group that I lead in NYC and Ithaca; we are working to deploy community owned, open source, standards-based, free-to-use IoT networks for remote sensing and smart city applications. There’s a “Donate” link on the TTN NY home page.

Note that this doesn’t go to fund MCCI, but rather it goes to fund a cause that MCCI cares a lot about; your contribution will help us (and everyone doing community LoRaWAN networking) in our effort to make IoT a public good.


Awesome, but the link is broken.

You’re right. That’s annoying. It’s in the markdown,, and it was converted to an anchor on The Things Network New York – but it got stripped in the HTML.

Found the problem, fixed it… “htttps” (three t’s) doesn’t work.

Donated. This is a great non-profit to give to. We need more organizations like this. Do you ever hold meetings for this group in Ithaca?

Yes. We are meeting tomorrow night, in fact: see the meetup link from

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to drive down to Ithaca tomorrow, but I’ll definitely try to attend the Zoom meeting!

I take that back. I have a father/daughter ball tomorrow for Valentines Day. I’ll absolutely try to attend the next meeting though. Sorry about that!

S’ok. Because of the storm today, I’m thinking it will be a Zoom-only meeting today, and usually those are very thinly attended anyway.

Yeah snow is coming down bad up here. I’ll attend if the event is cancelled tonight. Otherwise I’ll be on next time.