Spotify streaming issue

So, I thought it would be cool to use my PI as a spotify hub, but it does NOT play well

It seems to be sped up, and maybe a higher pitch
Any idea what the issue is?

I can’t tell from the picture. How are you sending out the audio? Are you using the on-board audio, or USB audio? If onboard, can you try USB audio? No guarantees that it will be any better, but maybe will isolate the problem.

Thanks for replying, it’s hooked up using the aux plug on the pi, I’ll test a USB headset tonight

Alright I tested it with a USB headset and it is much better, I can hear a few points where there is skipping and such, but overall it is acceptable. Switching back to the AUX cable yeilds more problems, but I didn’t experience the same issue as above, instead there was sputtering and popping, so there seems to be an issue with the aux drivers

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Thanks for testing. I’m sorry to hear about the skipping – that’s almost certainly the USB drivers. What’s your CPU load when you hear the skips? After things settle down, we may be able to set up a repro here and debug using the checked drivers. (These are all hard-realtime problems so it’s a bit of a pain to debug.)