Since Win10 works on pi Server 2016 should as well

Since Windows10 and Server 2016 is built on the same core if I am correctly informed it should be possible to run Sever 2016 on the Pi.

I’m thinking running AD, DHCP, DNS on a pi.

I know that Samba 4 exist but I’m more into moving an already existing AD away from a computer that always must stay on in to a cheap Pi

Server 2016 isn’t on ARM64 platforms, if you can find an ARM64 build Server 2019 that would work though

Hmm, I only found the update not the base for server 2019…

Microsoft has been keeping it off the internet pretty well, I believe there are a couple versions on beta archive and you need special access to obtain it

Ok, thanks for the reply. I’ll se if I can get it thru my contact

I actually have access to BetaArchive, if you need me to get a build for you, let me know! :slight_smile:


@NightlyH if you have the image for the 2019 server it would be great.

I’d be interested in that as well!

@tellblom @BenNottelling Sadly we only have server 2016 builds 14282, 14324, 14877 and 14901. They are all “Redstone” builds of 2016, however someone on BA has a copy of “Redstone 3” 2016 16299 however I cannot seem to find that one anywhere on our FTP.

If you’re still interested in these builds let me know!

Aw that’s a bummer, thanks for checking though!

I am interested in a server 2016 image that I can run on RPi

Sorry to say that I tried these builds around the time the 18* builds of 10 were coming out and none of them booted at all. No errors, nothing. The Pi simply acts as if no sd card is there at all.

This was with the server builds? That’s a bummer. Have you tried recently with the new developments in the Pi Windows 10 scene?

@NightlyH Thank you I’ll try them out when I’m home from Spain in two weeks

I have a feeling they are just too early in the process to do much with, bearing in mind these are ~3-4 years old (early even for the OS itself), but still handy to have them available like this as some day, who knows?