Since Win10 works on pi Server 2016 should as well

Since Windows10 and Server 2016 is built on the same core if I am correctly informed it should be possible to run Sever 2016 on the Pi.

I’m thinking running AD, DHCP, DNS on a pi.

I know that Samba 4 exist but I’m more into moving an already existing AD away from a computer that always must stay on in to a cheap Pi

Server 2016 isn’t on ARM64 platforms, if you can find an ARM64 build Server 2019 that would work though

Hmm, I only found the update not the base for server 2019…

Microsoft has been keeping it off the internet pretty well, I believe there are a couple versions on beta archive and you need special access to obtain it

Ok, thanks for the reply. I’ll se if I can get it thru my contact