Setup on Pi 3B+ gets stuck on "Operator Groep Van Delft" account screen

I have tried several versions including 17763.292, 18363.476 and 19023.1 on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ but every time I try to run setup, it reaches the “Account” screen but asks for an email for “Operator Groep Van Delft” and gives me several lines of something that appears to be Dutch. Since I don’t have an account with said organisation, I cannot continue (my personal email address is rejected).

Oddly, I was able to install 18363.476 last week but I reinstalled after I was unable to log in after a reboot (I could click on my account but there was no password box).

I am using a 128G SanDisk Ultra and I downloaded the current version of the WOA Deployer last Thursday from I am using UK localisation.

You need to disconnect the network cable throughout OOBE, as somebody has set autopilot for all raspberry pi devices - has the same unique identifier. In case you don’t know what auto pilot is: it’s a modern way of managing desktop to automatically go from out of box experience to enrolling devices into azure active directory and possibly even in-tune without much user interaction. The German or Dutch company has enrolled the device in Auto-pilot and created the branding that you see, etc.

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Is it for all pies? if yes then why don’t we contact microsoft in order to fix it.

Mostly disconnect ethernet and restart pi and setup will do the trick. it will not find internet (tick I have no i nternet) and you will be able to create an offline account. I had the same problem several times.

Good evening gilius, once I’ve already flashed my sd card, is there a place where I can go and modify some script to deactivate it??


Hi Fr3d,

What do you mean by “deactivate”? Since this happens during the initial Windows 10 setup known as the OOBE stage then you either have a choice to wipe out clean your sd card and start again - albeit remembering to disconnect the network cable; alternatively, if you use the woalite build with automatic OOBE then it doesn’t matter if the network cable is plugged in or not - will take you straight to desktop without the need for any configuration.