Setting up on other OSes

Hello. Currently, I have 2 windows pc’s one with win10 but without admin privileges and another with windows vista. I also have a MacBook Air. Is there any way I can run WOA deployer without admin privileges or on windows vistsa? Or would it work on wine on my macbook air? Also, I have a windows 2019 server so could I create an iso on the server and then flash it on my macbook?

Thank you for any help in advance!

I think all tools used to deploy windows 10 will require windows10 with admin privilages as all of them rely on DISM. I think wimlib ( could be used for some tasks but I’m not sure.

@Marcinoo97 Is there any way I can use WoA Deployer on a pc with windows vista or is there any way I can do what WoA Deployer does manually on a linux or macos based device? Or could I create a .img on my windows 2019 server that I can then flash to a micro sd?

Uhh… anybody? Please?

None of the available tools work on non-Windows 10 systems.
Yes, you can run the tool against a VHDX image on your Windows Server 2019 instance and then make a raw copy of it that can be flashed on the SD card.

Note that the VHDX must have at least 15 GB of available space and it should be slightly smaller than the size of your SD card.

Using the WoR tool with a FFU image is going to save you a lot of time: WoR v1.5 - faster deployments using FFU images

The hacked GPT image will make the virtual disk unrecognizable by Windows. If I recall correctly, WoA Deployer enforces the GPT partition scheme, so it will fail just after applying that image.

Current WoA deployer uses some Windows-exclusive executables like dism to deploy Windows, so no way for now.