Setting up on other OSes

Hello. Currently, I have 2 windows pc’s one with win10 but without admin privileges and another with windows vista. I also have a MacBook Air. Is there any way I can run WOA deployer without admin privileges or on windows vistsa? Or would it work on wine on my macbook air? Also, I have a windows 2019 server so could I create an iso on the server and then flash it on my macbook?

Thank you for any help in advance!

I think all tools used to deploy windows 10 will require windows10 with admin privilages as all of them rely on DISM. I think wimlib ( could be used for some tasks but I’m not sure.

@Marcinoo97 Is there any way I can use WoA Deployer on a pc with windows vista or is there any way I can do what WoA Deployer does manually on a linux or macos based device? Or could I create a .img on my windows 2019 server that I can then flash to a micro sd?

Uhh… anybody? Please?