ROS Driver crashing Screen?

Hi, You know me; I tried the Ros drivers and my display is off. DOI(Dead On Install)

Strange that it happened to you. I don’t think anyone else has had this issue yet. I’ve installed it multiple times without an issue. It’s right in my how-to video and nothing happens to the display when I do it. I’m on 17763. Which version are you installing it on?


Very weird. I would give it another try. It may have been random. Unfortunately we don’t really have any way of telling, but I’d give it another shot since nobody else has had the issue.

I have retried 3 times before coming.

Is this on an SD card or an SSD?

On a SD card blah blah blah 20 charachters

I haven’t done it to an SD so that may be an issue. I only did it with an SSD.

I did it. Can you give me a hash for your install.wim?

What version of the drivers are you using?
Could you provide a link to them?

I was using the one in the Pi pack. Seems like my windows had problems. I can provide you the install.wim