Raspberry Pi4 won't boot


I’m trying to install Windows 10 ARm on my Raspberry Pi 4, but I can’t get it to boot. I followed a lot of tutorials and I believe I’m doing it as it’s supposed to be. But when I try to boot the system, I get 4 green flashes and the constant red led.

First I thought that my Raspberry Pi 4 could be defective, but I managed to install Rasbian Buster (NOOBS didn’t work either). I decided to ask you guys if this is normal and it’s not yet possible to install Windows 10 on RP4.

I used this image (17134.1276_arm64_en-us_professional_d7cbab53_convert).

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People are just now barely being able to boot windows 10 on the RPI 4, but there are drawbacks and limitations to it. https://twitter.com/Marcinoo97/status/1220964722645794817

The two PI’s that are easy to use it on are the 3b/3b+

No one have written a tutorial for raspberry pi 4 yet so the tutorials you followed were wrong. There are no tutorials for raspberry pi 4 mainly because I’m too lazy to write one.

You totally should do one ahah
I only need it to open a webpage and display it in full screen all day. Maybe Windows10 Arm is not the best way to do it

My school uses PI’s for this, all they have done is installed raspbian and then added a command to launch the web browser on the page they want to display… this tutorial should be able to get you started

I’m trying to recreate this at home. If you’re around, I’d love to interview you about it. If not, could you at least point me in the right direction? You said something about using bcdedit to remove some incompatible drivers, but not sure how I do that before booting (or did you install it first on a Raspberry Pi 3B, then remove drivers and then put the microSD card in a Pi 4?).

Few days ago, it seems that somebody has succeed to put win10 on Raspberry PI4b, but with some limits : only 1 of the 4 Gb are recognised.

You can see this on twitter :

That was replied before, but thank you :slight_smile: