Raspberry Pi 3B+ won't boot

I tried twice getting Windows on my Pi but it won’t boot. I used this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoTE-jqUUU0&t=381s , the first time I used ARM64 1803, won’t boot when I put in the SD card in the Pi (I get 2 green flashes, but then goes to red). I then read that you should format the SD card with FAT32, that’s what I did. I then used the 1903 ARM64 Windows, but I had the same result, it won’t boot.
I looked on this forum and didn’t find anything that could help my problem (I am sorry if I looked over something).

Thanks in advance!

PS: I use an official Raspberry Pi charger and Elecrow 7inch touchscreen.

edit: Tried with Windows 1803 after FAT32 format, does not boot either, no idea what can fix this.

What SD card are you using?

Sorry, forgot to give that information, I bought it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B073S9SFK2/ref=pe_3044161_189395811_TE_SCE_dp_1
Thanks for a fast reply!

Gonna try to get the 1809 version to work, I’ve read that that is a stable one too, but I begin to doubt that the Windows version is the problem…

Format the SD card to FAT32 and extract this archive (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1POKdRAzG8tZS-l21-HWHQAzCfholyeOG) to it. It should boot to an EFI shell.

Same 2 green flashes of the led and then goes all red, won’t boot. I saw that if I jiggled with the charger that the led sometimes goes green for a couple of seconds, but eventually always goes red. I also tested another OS (Ubuntu). It booted (after jiggle with charger), but then it prompted for a reboot to finish the install and now it won’t boot again (same 2 green flashes). If the charger is the problem I have no idea how it suddenly can’t power the Pi. I had used it for months and never had trouble booting Raspbian on it, since I tried Windows, it failed to boot.
The charger outputs 5V and 3A, do you think it’s a software problem or the charger?

This is most likely a power supply issue.

I don’t get how the power supply is suddenly the problem, the charger outputs the right voltages…
Isn’t it more likely that the Pi is the issue?

It might be a counterfeit charger, bad cable…
The only way to find out is to try with a different power supply.

I tried a few cables, none of them worked (same leds flashing), but they also don’t have the right voltages…

The red LED should always stay on as long as the Pi is getting power. If it’s flashing then the voltage dropped too low.

It’s not that it flashes, I plug it in, left LED flashes green twice, then goes red. Doesn’t flash anymore or goes green, just stays red.

When you have to “jiggle” the charger cable, you probably have a cracked connection on the pi where the power connector is. That is usually cause by not pulling the cable straight out when you disconnect and not pushing straight in when you connect it.

Allright, thanks for the fast replays, thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem too…
I don’t know how to deal with it…
I’ve flashed the SD card over and over again…,but it didn’t work at all.
I think there might be some problem with my power supply, the red light flashed 2 times, and the green light flashed 1 time, there was no display on the screen.
How to deal with the problem like this one?? Thanks a lot.

I actually explained the problem to Amazon, they wanted to give me a new Raspberry Pi 3B+ and asked me to return the one I have now. I don’t know if I’ll try and get Windows 10 on it, might just do Ubuntu.

Ubuntu (mate) does work on any supported RPi…
As for the Windows 10 ARM… I really don’t know how to deal with the problem I’ve met…
I have the same problem as you…
And could you tell me whether your problem is solved or not? Thanks.

I didn’t solve it, Amazon is giving me a new Raspberry Pi 3B+.

I kept my RPi 3B for 2 years and there won’t be any one to help me change a new one (lol).
And… can your new one boot win10 ARM correctly?

Try the 1804 build that worked perfectly for me.

I got a new Raspberry Pi 3B+ from Amazon, just tried getting Ubuntu on it, I get the exact same boot problem…
Cable has good voltages, new Raspberry Pi, the only thing I can think of then: SD kart got corrupt because of the Windows 10 software…

edit: Raspbian (the OS I initially wanted to get rid of) works of course.