Raspberry Pi 3 A+

Has anyone got windows running on a Raspberry Pi 3 A+? I tried it on an A+ and zero, and neither worked. Looks like, from what I have seen, only the Pi 3 B and B+ are supported.

My guess would be your ram. The A+ only has 512mb of ram. Anyone else feel free to come in here with suggestions. It definitely doesn’t work on a Zero. I can tell you that for sure.

The Raspberry Pi A+ wouldn’t get past the rainbow splash screen. I forgot that the A+ has about half the RAM, and even if you did get it running it likely wouldn’t work to well. I figured the Raspberry Pi Zero wouldn’t have worked, just thought I would try it.

Yeah it’s unfortunate, but the amount of memory you’ll be using will surpass the amount that is even in the A+. I’d run out and get a 3B or 3B+ and give it a go if you want to. I have a how-to video on here if you’re looking to boot to an SSD as well.

No chance. The pi zero’s dont have 64-bit cpu’s afaik, and the a+ does not have enough ram.

Correct. The Zero is near identical to the original Pi

This should eventually get split to another topic, but has anyone tried with the Compute Kit? That would be pretty cool because we could have a Pi in a motherboard formfactor and would fit Windows much better.

I haven’t even heard of that until now, but it would be pretty cool if it worked! That’s going to be incredible once released!