Overclock the microSD

Hi guys!
Has anyone managed to overclock the micro sd? He added “dtoverlay = sdhost, overclock_50 = 100” to the config.txt file but does nothing.
Thank you!

There are settings in the UEFI to change the SD card clock speeds, give those a try

Ok, yes, I changed it in the configuration in the UEFI but corrupted the installation. Then I tried it from a clean installation and it seems to work. Thank you!

Sweet! How does that SD card run now?

Well, I have many micro sd. I tried a sandisk extreme pro A2 and noticed a little faster performance but I had set it to 80 mhz and then changing to 100 was when it became corrupted. I keep doing tests.

You must make them even,100.100 but its unstable unless its ultra class 10.May I also suggest when reformatting your card to wipe it with gparted or some windows app.I use linux,windows has a version of gparted but must installed.Wiping is not deleting,Its putting all zero’s on the card,much faster and less corruption