New Build Available!18348 is possible

Ok so this is not easy or ideal.I have 6 pc’s at my disposal so I might have a little advantage.You must have the current insider build of windows 10 install on some device.You have to make an iso from it because its not available yet in iso form.Don’t ask for a copy,I enjoy commenting and will not risk it.After making a copy,open it with 7zip,or power iso,or anything you feel comfortable using.After being able to access the windows files from your Iso,delete your windows file from what ever device{sd,usb,ssd}you have Keep all arm files intact .Do not delete the boot file.I found that windows does not like to copy its own os over.You can use windows but you must use gparted from the cmd.I myself use a linux machine for this step,but I am also a developer.Hints why I have so many computers.That and I really like parrot os with the airgeddon.The more pc’s you have,the more you can do.Simple math enjoy guys!Any questions or snags,I will reply

I have 18348 installed and working, nothing too different about it really. Can you elaborate on the “PCs at your disposal” and the “more pcs you have the better” thing? I’m not sure what you mean as I grabbed the image from UUPDump and ran it (and got a small issue with ISO conversion but I fixed it), just like any version.

EDIT 1: Some people have been talking about “limited test mode” or that it ends at 17**** or similar but I don’t have that issue

I’m sorry,not meant to be snarky.Well to be honest,most people will never need more than one pc at any giving time.With that said,I do,and enjoy multitasking with any issue or problems I might be working on at that time.None of my Pc’s are particularly special.I always keep 2 laptops on hand and a beefed of Bench top.But at moment I actually have nine personal and 2 work pc’s, Now I must say I do a lot of security and penetration with my pc’s so,like I said the more Pc’s more speed.You can go out and buy the nicest computer,I would rather 2.Reason being is because your able to do more with them.Think of it like this,Say I wanna get into a closed network,offline.Even if I get a four way hand shake,it still has to be decrypted.You can use gpu power,but processor speed is the second fastest,behind ram.So if you have two pc’s{yes I know buy top co-processors}and can use the in sync,your able to cut time down drastically. So if you have an 6 letter password,could secs,or minutes.If its 8-or more with caps,nums,and symbols,could take weeks,two computers together can cut it down to a sixth of that if not better.I will share what I have if your insistent on knowing.But knowledge is more important than the hardware.As far as our page here,it only helps if you have a pc with linux and windows.2 pcs for work around’s of both os’s short falls