Native ARM64 Apps

I thought that maybe this thread might be a good place to share apps complied for Windows 10 native ARM64. I’ll start us off with: latest version of 7-zip 7z1900-arm64.exe installer.

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Hey @noone did you compile this yourself?
It throws off 3 warnings on virus total (so probably safe) but the regular version of 7zip doesn’t set off anything.
It’s also larger, but I’m not sure if that’s from being recompiled or the different installer.
Thanks :slight_smile:

edit: they are also small AV’s

Hmm yes I compiled this myself and just yesterday installed NSIS installer creator. My AVAST antivirus didn’t trigger any warning.

Hm interesting, I’m going to assume they are false positives with the scanners.
I’ll install it tonight onto my pi and see if it works

I have it running wonderfully on my pi3b+. I’m going to check all .exe and .dll produced from the compiler to see if maybe the NSIS file I downloaded may be the issue.

All exe produced by the compiler tested clean:


Finally, all files that are part of the installer in a 7z archive:

*edited to include more info