My boot file lost.(

Today, i start my pi and it boot into uefi shell. When i connect sd-card to ubuntu, WindowsARM partition was but uefi dont see boot file? Why and how repair it?

Do you have a boot partition still? If so then one of us here can post out boot files for you. Just make sure you have the partition.

Yes boot partition, i have but i repair it.
I just lost my BCD(boot configuration data).

Do have a Backup?You can just edit it,if you can pull the files directly form your back up.Then when its running again,you can repair it with the back up.Its faster,but you could just reinstall.I make a backup for every change I make.I would suggest to everyone to do the same.Saves headaches.

Here you go. I just uploaded a link to the boot files. They’re all set to default there so you’ll have to configure again in UEFI.

Hey brother,hit me up on youtube,I’m not causing problems but I have a few questions about this.I am a sub,and I just want some info about this.Thank you very much,and I am sorry if you wanted no one to know about your channel.Just flag this and I will get rid of it

Hey man no worries. Knowing about my channel is more than okay with me. Shoot me a message on there if you need anything.

Thanks bro I was wondering a few.I’ll shoot ya message in a few hours,gotta get back to work.But thanks again for the reply

No problem! I have a busy day anyway.