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Two charts today. First a chart of the views by country since February 15. (To make it easier to read, I’ve arbitrarily cut off at the countries with more than 100 views.) Countries with more than 100 views, in descending order of number of views The geographic distribution is really interesting; the top 22 countries…

Even the US comes off as quite a surprise given how small this whole thing started out, but France really intrigues me as well. Is this only the top 22 or is it all 22 who have viewed? You have some great data here, Terry. Japan and Brazil are pretty good too. I think I’m most fascinated by some of the smaller impoverished countries that can really take advantage of this now and especially in the future when it’s fully functioning!

Never mind - I see that you cut off the countries with less than 100 views. I should have read that more closely.

The cut-off at 100 views was sort of arbitrary. South Korea just missed the cut, for example. There were over a hundred countries in the database as of yesterday. The data becomes hard to visualize, and naturally becomes noisier, as the number of views/country goes down.

Yes, that’s my motivation. I think it’s great that people are pushing to make things like games and YouTube work well; that will increase performance for the more mundane tasks of using Office apps and doing development. If we can make real computing available to people who are disadvantaged, it will make a real difference to them. I am optimistic that other software licensors will get behind this if we can demonstrate that there’s really no huge investment needed.


Not only will it make a difference to them, it could make a difference to the world. Obviously most of these people will not likely have a vast knowledge of computing, but who knows what could come of them discovering it in a modern setting and what they could potentially bring to the table through learning it. The possibilities are endless. It also makes sense that there really isn’t a significant investment needed on the developer’s end. Some time is all it takes for a lot of the nuances that we are dealing with at the moment.

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