Microsoft VC4 graphic render only driver


For the redistribuables, it’s better to use static linking for the C++ runtimes. On Qualcomm Windows Phone devices, dynamic linking for those was used at first, but they transitioned to static when making the switch to desktop.


When this is shown with the 9_x feature levels, you should be able to run test apps without any further bugs than those present in the IoT Core version of the driver.

Also, I think that using Mesa’s Direct3D 9 support (Gallium Nine) might work better, as Windows 10 still supports WDDM 1.0 with D3D9Ex.


I think that feature list is from the Microsoft basic display adapter, as it’s dated in 06 as basic display adapter driver is usually

Why does this point to the DLL so many times in the same line?

Also, is this build including the changes from here?

Going by That’s what we would need to have Direct2D support, or having windows rendered via the GPU. (at least I’m guessing)

first entry is DX9, then 10, then 11, then 12

I bet that the PR there isn’t included, as it didn’t even reach the MS main branches.

Do we know why? From what I could tell it was updated to all the reviews, but then they didn’t merge it and it fell behind all the commits

It’s only a few commits behind really compared to master, not too far away.

I got the pr driver to compile and its running with ForceWARP set to 0. I am not sure if its working properly though.

EDIT: i noticed that the feature level was not there.


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Is that with ForceWARP set to 0? I got the system to come up with it set to that once, but it refuses to give me a screen again.

yes. Now there’s the removing ForceWARP from the post-install bat.

Warning: you need the PR for texture support merged or it’ll get… nowhere.

Also, it’s heavily unstable.

Is that a working build from the PR?
If so I’d love a link to it

I got it working ONCE. I tried 30+ time after. I think it was either a first-try luck or a flucke.

I ran some youtube & VLC playback test. Here are the results.
youtube & VLC

i installed the driver from but it says error code 43
i think i install c++ runtime 2017 32bit but it still is not working.
what should i do?

@BenNottelling @woachk

Use one of the older builds or you need to find the .bat file lower down the releases folder and install that

used the rosrog.bat file with latest release,first release and 3 other random releases,every single one had this problem
i guess im missing something.
let’s say i have a fresh install
i have to use the .bat file
then install the driver

that’s all or should i do another step to make it work?

Should be all, I know that older versions needed the VS redist, but not the newer ones

Can anybody compile this drivers with MT switch instead of MD? and rosumdarm.dll from the original driver build… these are also older drivers than what are on github as I know these ones work

edit: Oh, and I didn’t test to see if these work.

The link was died.
So, please give new link for download