Maximizing performance

Given the limited resource of the raspberry pi I think it’d be useful if we could post what settings to disable etc to improve usability of windows on the pi, such as disabling animations etc.

Most of the problems currently are the lack of drivers. Of course in the mean time we should make a list of things to turn off, but if the VC4 driver matures enough to allow for desktop rendering with the gpu, then the animations will not be nearly as big a deal as before, as it will be accelerated and the pi’s gpu isnt that bad considering.

Yeah but I think until that happens it would be useful if a list could be compiled off things to be disabled.

  1. disable Windows Defender
  2. disable defrag
  3. disable background Tasks
  4. disable everything you didnt need
  5. Control Panel -> System -> performance Options --> Performance
  6. Control Panel -> Power --> max power plan
  7. turn off Notifications & tipps