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I ported Windows Arm32 to the Raspberry Pi(which can run on rpi2b and rpi3b), but this site seems to be designed for Arm64 (pi64), is there any “” for discussing Arm32 related issues?

(It doesn’t matter :我是dk,没事,无需在群里问我是不是我了:joy:

(I do n’t know if anyone has done this transplant before, and if so, I ’m happy to discuss it)
System version: Windows 15035 arm32
Raspberry Pi on the picture: Raspberry Pi 3B
Driver: The driver is complete, except for GL and sound (GL seems to work in Minecraft? But it is not visible in Device Manager)

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I also done this, sound should work idk if you mean in Minecraft.

Wow,it’s great to find another person who has done the same job!
But I did not find it when trying to find the audio driver (whether it is cab or inf)
Maybe we have different ways to find the driver. Where did you find the audio driver?
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You can find the latest drivers release here (including ARM32):

This seems to have been released after my own port, and there was no such at the time. But it is also very good now, which is convenient for everyone to use in the future.
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I accidentally have joined this “club”.

The latest pre-release of WoR now supports ARM32 builds on Pi 2 & 3: