Is there any way to update the UEFI?

I have the latest version of UEFI, but I’m wondering if there is any way to update it as we go. I’ve looked through the other thread and couldn’t find any information on it.


Last update:

2019 Jam 16th: boot options fixes, _CCA, supported firmware for Windows MCCI driver.
2019 Jan 14th: boot option cleanup, EBC, release, SPCR fix (Windows EMS support)

Think you need to rebuild the system to update.

simply replace the RPI_EFI.fd, start.elf, fixup.dat, bootcode.bin in your boot disk.
You’ll need to set the EFI NVRAM settings again.

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I actually came across that last night when fooling around with both of my cards, but I wasn’t positive it would work. Thank you!

Have you been successful replacing the files? The boot partition is of a special type (ESP) and it’s not accessible using the Windows Explorer. To make it accessible you need to perform some additional steps.

One of the ways I have is to enter diskpart, select the disk associated to the SD card and to assign a drive letter with assign letter=[letter]. After that, I open an Admin cmd prompt and copy the files using it.

I haven’t needed to do so since I have the latest UEFI and I understand what you’re saying regarding disk management, but you could do this by inserting your SD card into a PC and changing it from there. That’s how I discovered it.

There’s an simple method, but it requires to use DISKPART. If you feel adventurous enough, I can write a mini how-to. What do you think?

Sorry, thought this was a different topic. Removed.

I would take a mini how-to

When will the mini how to come