How to make some money and pay for your PI

Hey guys, I’ve come across an app that’ll help pay for your PI and put a little bit of cash into your pocket.
It’s called Honeygain and the idea is essentially that you’re selling some of your bandwidth to companies who would use it for mainly internal research.
Your personal data is NOT sold and it is safe.

Earnings aren’t a ton, $0.10/GB of data shared, but it’s easily enough to cover the cost of electric on your devices and help you work towards something else, it’s also completely passive which I really like.

I can’t promise you’ll get a ton off of it, but for something that’s super easy and essentially no effort, I thought it would be worth sharing.
If you want to try it out use my referral link to get yourself an extra $5 to start out with.

Alternatively you can learn more about it on my blog