How-to: installing windows 10 arm64 (17134) on your raspberry pi 3 and 4

Using something similar to this:

then this:

So you’re saying previous that from first boot of your image, I should be able to LAN network via RDP with your ‘RPI4-WIN10’ computer name, via the OTG Ethernet-over-USB accessory? I was at least able to ping to/from computers with @Marcinoo97 's image, but not IP address therefore network control possible.

All I see when logging in to your user account is open .cmd file with VS debugger page open.
No network settings or drivers available whatsoever.

Am I missing something?



Let me understand,

  • What do you mean by “No network settings or drivers available whatsoever”?
  • When you say: “I was at least able to ping to/from computers with Marcinoo97’s image” it means that you had network connectivity, having the same hardware setup but with another OS image ?


  • When connecting from secondary machine, no Win10 Ethernet or LAN settings via USB-C as above. Nothing shows in Device Manager for Network Adapter etc., settings are hidden and ethernet does not connect from second machine. ipconfig of Win10 RPi4 shows nothing
  • Correct. With Marcin’s latest image, still no useful connectivity however managed to ping between devices using computer IP address. Cannot recreate his image as WoR is down.

You said you were able to gain remote access via second computer as above?

Let me know if you can help troubleshoot or if I’ve missed anything. Thanks!

I’m not here to bother anyone because I know this is all being done for free, but is there anyone actively working on drivers? I’m simply curious.

Well that is strange… i did not do anything exotic… except from disabling some services (have a look at the services list), enabled rdp, and some tweaks in group policy like disabling cortana and enabling verbose login/shutdown messages…

I however noticed that the network icon in the notification area is missing and that the network and sharing center shows the message “The depencency service or group failed to start” …but connectivity still works. I did not pay attention if it was like this from fresh install or got like this after my tweaks… is giving me privacy warnings, and I can’t get to it.
Here’s an error when I get past it
WARNING!! SSL certificate (secure https://) is not automatically enabled.

You must log in at control panel /cpanel and request it.

It will be fixed soon.
I’ve posted a temporary download link above.

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How can I use it with 4GB Ram although it doesn’t support usb c-type? And how can I install drivers attached? I want to test with my touchscreen monitor soon

I’m thinking about closing this thread because it is too long and no one reads anything so I have to quote myself many times.


I have found an alternative program, and it’s up and running just fine in my Raspberry Pi 3

@Marcinoo97 Thank you for the guide, it is running on my RPi 3 and is how I’m typing this message.

Zanfix can u pls tell how you backed up you win 10 image as win32 disk imager is not working out for me

I put the microsd in my linux desktop with an usb adapter then made a dd backup. finally i
compressed it with xz
something like:

dd if=$DEVICE of=$IMAGE bs=4k
xz -vk $IMAGE

Thank you Zanfix it worked for me

Zanfix will this exact image work on rpi. 3 also

I found out a problem in this win 10 whenever your pi is running and there is a power surge then the win 10 installed on sd card will corrupt. It will show rpi logo. Then show win logo and will never show loading or really boot up. This does not happen with other images. What probably be the fix.

How to turn it off? It does not turn off - instead restart happens, which spoils SD file system on disconnecting power. I think it is related to not running PWM driver - Device Manager shows exclamation, that there is not enough resources for PWM driver.

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Instalation of Windows 10 on raspberry pi 4 just became a lot simpler thanks to WoR 2.0.0. The most frequently updated instalation guide is here: If you require support leave a commend under the guide or open a new thread on this forum.