How to access config.txt from linux or windows?

Instead of completely having to reflash when when pushed to far and it doesn’t boot? unable to access the confix file under window or linux.

If you would like to access it from within the Pi:

  1. Open CMD, Type DISKPART
  2. Select the small, first disk by typing list disk then select disk * (this is normally 0)
  3. Type assign letter=* (this should be a drive not mounted, Windows commonly assigns drives in order after C, D, E, etc. because floppy disks are commonly at A or B, so try using B)
  4. Download “ExecTI” from Winaero’s site
  5. Run ExecTI
  6. Type in the command box notepad B:\config.txt

Info on why ExecTI is required:
ExecTI runs software as “TrustedInstaller,” which a very powerful account that overrides most security, etc. measures. We are required to use this because WoA Deployer’s newer versions seem to put a security/permission lock on this directory and/or Etcher is causing trouble or maybe this UEFI is built in a way that is meant to not alloy system direct access…?

If you want to view these things on a normal computer, try following the above steps EXCEPT for the ExecTI part, then shutdown and put it in a Windows computer. Now you may follow the ExecTI steps on that computer.

Thank you mate, I will give it a try. Sound exactly what I needed (how to access it on another PC linux or windows). I’ve spent the past day messing with my OC settings and it’s a struggle when my pi refuses to winboot because I’ve upped something to high. This causes me to have to reflash my backed up image which takes foreverrrr.

So I’ve followed you instructions, opened CMD.exe both normally and as admin in Windows 10 trying to access my config.txt. It reports back with the error, after trying to assign letter=B “this operation is not supported on removable devices.” Any other ideas? Would save not only be, but pretty much anyone else who uses this a lot of hassle and time when OCing.

Hmm, strange. What’s your OS (build on the Pi and the one used to install it on the Pi) and WoA Deployer/WoR version? Try a slightly older version of WoA Deployer actually.