How do we optimize an app for ARM?

I like classic shell which is an old style start menu, but it is only for x86 and x64. How can I optimize it to work on the Pi?

This is not possible without the source code of the app.
Classic Shell is now open-source, so we could port it:

Well that’s good news. Would someone be willing to port it or at least post directions so I could do it?

If somebody can post instructions I’ll be happy to do it. It would be a great app to have for a lot of people and an addition to what currently exists in our app catalog.

I took a quick look at the Classic Shell project and at first impression, my thoughts are, that it will take a fair amount of effort to recompile it for ARM64. I’ll take a closer look at it when I have a bit of free time perhaps even compile it; or at least try to :wink:

Excellent! Thank you for taking a look. No worries if it’s too difficult, but if you can that would be awesome.