History of Windows 10 on ARM

I believe this was the first even unveiling of Windows 10 on Arm in December 2016; note the processor speed - Snapdragon 820 with 1.59 GHz - not too far behind the Raspberry Pi albeit with a significant difference in RAM.

Very interesting. The RAM makes a huge difference, but that speed (albeit a small factor) is pretty cool. I think we’re well on our way to having a decent, cost-effective device here!

I found out that there was a Windows 7 on ARM that was previewed at an early Windows 8 event - but never released. If you search for the Windows 8/apps announcements on YouTube then you will find it.

These are all the Snapdragon devices that appear to run Windows 10 on ARM:

Note: the earlier models cannot boot from ISO - but the Snapdragon 850 ones have improved firmware.

But there are also some obscure Snapdragon Laptops available exclusively in China, such as Weibu:

I think we are also close to having WOA running on Android phones (besides other SBCs) since there exists in pretty much all 64-bit Snapdragon phones a “hidden” UEFI bootloader since Snapdragon 820 (announced March 2015) that is just waiting to be harnessed by the right developers: