GPIO Fan stays running

my GPIO controlled fan has been running all the time.
it is enabled for control in the UEFI setup to come on at 60C, it is running all the time

it there a way to make it come on at 60C and go off at 50C

This is very important as the fan is loud

This morning the system wouldn’t boot
so thats me gone, back to raspberry pi os

this is not stable enough

if my boot issues can be fixed and my fan issue.
I will come back to windows on raspberry

lovely forum.
Never get an answer
I liked windows 10 on my raspberry pi
but the boot issues, the fan never going off, and the lack of the x64 emulator that is on the surface arm devices.

You do realize people aren’t paid to do this, right?
You’re acting like you’re entitled to a perfect experience when you’re using something that’s unofficial.

Also, x64 emulation exists. You just need a newer version of windows

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Can you help to fix them problems or not
its been about a weeks
also I did know it wouldn’t be perfect but the bootloader corrupting after every reboot.
also I had the most up to date build
and options for fan control is the UEFI setup that just keep the fan on 24/7

also no GPU driver, so the display has black lines down the edge
no hdmi audio
the drivers havn’t been updated since 2019

lovely forum.
Never get an answer

Probably because this forum is pretty much dead and the community has moved to Discord and Telegram: Community | Windows on Raspberry

UEFI issues can be posted here: Issues · pftf/RPi4 · GitHub

You should be able to help me here.
I don’t use Telegram and I don’t know how discord would work, every one asking questions at the same time.
Can you help me or not
I don’t know if its a UEFI issue, could just be a bad configuration of the UEFI.
if you don’t answer me for two weeks how am I supposed to know.

What’s the discord anyway

You should be able to help me here.

Not with that kind of attitude.

What attitude
You haven’t helped at all on here
Your discord only just managed to help

You’re acting like an entitled Karen.
It’s also not my discord, I’m affiliated with this project in anyway.

If you expect people to help you and act like you’re entitled to it, you should be paying for officially supported projects, not open source projects people work on in their free time because they find it cool.

I didn’t mean you personal.
I meant the projects discord
I should entitled to support. This is not official so it is buggy
You could have just helped me

And there isn’t an official windows 10 on raspberry pi, only IOT

And I find this cool

The very reason why this is unofficial is why you shouldn’t be entitled for support.
It’s free, nobody is paid for this work, and it’s not advertised to work perfectly

Why do you have a discord then with a group for questions
Maybe you could try taking donations
Like other open source software

Well this has gone well, how long am I banned from Discord for anyway

Help me with the fan issue and all my other issues like the bootloader getting corrupted