Full copy of the sd card

If someone will lay out a full copy of the sd card, with the installed Windows 10 (with the performed setup to the desktop) I will be very happy. This is necessary due to the fact that I can not perform the initial setup, Windows constantly writes “Why was my PC rebooted”

You can’t have any USB devices plugged in… not even mouse or keyboard during the initial boot until it gets to the point where you have to use them to enter info

I believe this question came up multiple times in other threads. As far as I know it’s against the rules (either of this forum or some sort of anti-piracy) for anyone to give you an image.

But don’t worry, this probably has an easy fix. I’m wondering whether you are using a 3B, 3B+, or others.

I am using raspberry pi 3. I was able to solve this problem. During installation, I did not set the processor frequency to 1200, but left 600 as the default. After deploying windows services, it issued a blue screen of death, with an error the processor is not supported. Then I set the frequency to 1200, and then the installation went without problems