Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I have deployed Windows, and after booting, all I see is a console with text. It doesn’t boot Windows at all!
The newest UEFI removed the default boot order and now it starts the UEFI console automatically. Please, follow these directions:

  • Type “exit” + press [ENTER] and you will be presented with the UEFI interface
  • Go to the ‘Boot Maintenance Manager’ menu and select ‘Boot Options’. Choose 'Change Boor Order’
  • Select 'Change the order’
  • Put the ‘SD/MMC on Broadcom SDHOST’ as the first element.
  • Save the changes
  • Go back to the Main Menu and choose ‘Boot Manager’.
  • Select ‘SD/MMC on Broadcom SDHOST’ and Windows will boot.

After some minutes, Windows Setup will start.

I deployed Windows and when I try to boot it, all a I get is a BSOD (Blue Screen of the Death)
Disconnect all the USB devices from your Pi before booting. There current USB drivers are bugged and cause this problem. Wait until the Windows Installation setup starts to plug them.

The deployment takes ages to complete! Why is it so slow?
Choose another SD Card. “A1” certified cards are suggested to deploy and run Windows.

Which build should I use?
Use a stable one. Maybe the build 17763 (version 1809). Check this discussion on the topic.

Can I boot from USB?
No, you can’t. Maybe in the future.

Why is Windows ARM 64 so slow?
It’s running off an SD Card, that is usually quite slow. Moreover, the Pi is quite limited in terms of RAM and CPU. Take it easy :slight_smile:

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With the new MCCI drivers you don’t need to unplug the USB devices while it boots.


Apparently you can now boot from USB if you turn off signing restrictions and edit the INFs. Maybe the FAQ should link to the topic?


Maybe add a pointer to Firefox as a fast browser?


Ok this is how it works.Install on both devices,edit INFs on both, but after your done on both,pull your sdcard before rebooting the usb.Also if you still wanna use sdslot.Like me,put the card back in after the pi is fully loaded.Now go to your MY PC on PI and delete or reformat the card.But If you wanna page-filed.Then leave the windows partition but shrink it.Depending on size you could make 4-5 partitions on the same card then page them as well.Its working great for me.I have 8.2gig of committed ram