First Images Rendered by the VideoCore IV!

I managed to get the graphics demos from Microsoft’s GPU driver to compile, and ran them on my PI with the GPU drivers installed! (Note: these are the 32bit versions of the demos, arm redists are picky) Also, only DolphinTests.exe works as the rest need VS redists installed and I I have them all installed, but they still complain, working on that.
Check out the results :slight_smile:


Maybe some smarter people can figure out the rest? :slight_smile:

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Looking Good!I will give it a shot.Maybe if a few more people jump on this,we could actually get something done with this driver!

Well that’s interesting, I can run the DolphinUniversal and CubeTestUwp demos by debugging them in visual studio.

Alright! I now know how to create a UWP package, which was my issue before!
We have 3D graphics being rendered on screen now
Check out a video of it!
Here’s the zip with what you need:

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Uninstall the driver and you’ll see that the demo runs as smooth as before.

Have I been cheated?

edit: tried it, yea. I was cheated.

Ok well it looks like the on screen dolphin & cube test are done via software rendering, but the dolphintests app seems to use the GPU.

No judgement from me!You must have looked onto some one else’s test huh?Jk thanks for your work bro!