Faster way to install woa

Is there an another faster way to install Woa .My mine it takes 5 hours with woa deployer dism usage 3% same my wimlib
Normal installation time from raspbian 2gb image 10 mimutes.Woa deployer doesnt use the full Cpu
My sd card toshiba m203 write speed up to 24 mb per sec read speed up to 100 mb per sec Uhs class 1 .

Is there a faster way to install

use ssd / usb install and also at least A1 sdcard.

The problem is that Woa deployer does not use the full cpu resoursce like when you install normal file with Dism or wimlib :it uses more then 70 percent but the Woa deployer uses just up to 5 percent by deploying windows.This is thesame by wimlib to .My sd card has the A1 rating

strange installation here took 20 minutes.

So fast ,is there a better or faster way

I used an A1 sd card from SanDisk and a USB/SDCard adapter with USB 3.1 but i used an old image of the 1803 version because i saw some videos where people said that the new versions would take hours and crash etc.

With the german 1803 version i didnt had any problem. Took 20 Minuten to install and 10 Minuten for all the windows stuff (username, cortana etc etc) and then it was booting to the desktop and worked.

I deployed Woa in 3 Hours.By the first Boot it came a error Message .Please Restart the installation .I restarted it and the errorg come again .I used build nr 18912.