Etcher Sucessfully start but WOADeployer stopped

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with WOADeployer. Etcher starting (and led on my USB key Adaptor for SDcard flash) but WOADeployer stopped… and nothing happened…
Please find log below… Do you know what happened?
Thanks for your help

2019-03-10 16:46:01.564 +01:00 [Information] Flashing GPT image…
2019-03-10 16:46:01.577 +01:00 [Verbose] We are about to run Etcher: “Core\Tools\Etcher-Cli\x86\Etcher” “-d \.\PHYSICALDRIVE1 “Core\” --yes --no-unmount”
2019-03-10 16:46:01.599 +01:00 [Verbose] Starting process { FileName: “Core\Tools\Etcher-Cli\x86\Etcher”, Arguments: “-d \.\PHYSICALDRIVE1 “Core\” --yes --no-unmount” }
2019-03-10 16:46:02.500 +01:00 [Verbose] Process started sucessfully

You use win 10? Maybe you windows dosnt see second partition

What’s your percentage? If you are at 98% or 99% somehow it is normal for it to take up to an hour.

Thanks for your answer.

I use the last version of Win10 (Not activated)
What can I do to see second partition?

Thanks for your answer.

Flashing GPT image… 1%…