Error when setup W10

I have installed the version 1809 on the sd card. No problem.
When booting on the Raspberry after a long time i got : Error OOBEKEYBOARD.
I went over by ignoring and after a while i could give microsoft username and PW and creste the Confidential code. After a while, i gote Error OOBESETTINGSMULTIPAGE.
No possibility to get over. Only Poweroff poweron. I did it and got the same.
How could i go over the trouble ?
Best regards. Cloburk

Finally I tried with version 1803 ( 17134). I got a windows 10 working but No WIFI connection and this W10 is very very very slow. It is not usable as is.

I hope good news to speed up this W10 and to get the WIFI working.

Best regards. Cloburk